Drover Rideshare

This is a project I work on daily, while employed as the Lead iOS developer at Drover Rideshare.

It is a fully-fledged rideshare application, using all the technologies associated with an application of this complexity such as location management, push notifications, use of payment processors, communication with a REST API backend, usage of a database to store user information and ride history, and more.

Here are a few screenshots:

Drover Rideshare Launch Screen

The Drover Rideshare Launch Screen

Drover Main Screen

The main screen of the Drover Rideshare application, where rides get scheduled and interacted with.

Drover Side Menu

The side menu of the Drover Rideshare application, where the user can navigate to other menus such as Payment Setup or Profile management.

Ride Location Selection

The area of the Drover Rideshare application where you can choose a preset drop-off/pickup location (such as at a restaurant) or choose to just be picked up/dropped off at your latitude and longitude coordinates.

More screenshots and a video demo can be found here!

Nexus Heights

The apps I have made and released under my own company, Nexus Heights.

Live on the App Store

Exchange Rate Master Logo

Exchange Rate Master (iOS/WatchOS)

An app that allows you to convert between currencies. Uses the JSON API to obtain live data that is updated every day.

Gratuity Master Logo

Gratuity Master

An app that allows you to split a bill or calculate gratuity. Customizable up to 100 people in a single party.

Image Resizifier Logo

Image Resizifier

A MacOS application that allows easy resizing of image assets for use in Apple’s Xcode.

I developed this because I had a specific need for it, and I didn’t want/find any other applications out there that had the features and simplistic GUI that I wanted.

RNG Master Logo

RNG Master (iOS/WatchOS) / RNG Master TV

A set of random number generator apps for iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV that supports rolling dice, generating random numbers, and flipping a coin.

I developed this in a single afternoon because I just wanted something to work on one day. Was the first application Nexus Heights ever released onto the App Store, so it was a big learning experience.

Convert Master Logo

Convert Master

An iOS application for converting numbers between hex, decimal, octal, and binary. Supports converting from one type, to any other type.

I made this simply because I wanted to have something on the go that could do this. It’s rare that I have a need to convert numbers when out and about, but when I do, this comes in handy.


Ping Master Logo

Ping Master

A network pinging app for iOS. I developed this and released the source under the Nexus Heights name, because I didn’t really want to release it on the App Store. Apple had recently implemented an IPv6 support requirement, so adding IPv6 support would be quite a lot of work for something so minor.


Things I made in my spare time, separate from Nexus Heights.

Open-source (click on title to view code on GitHub)


A simple C homebrew app for the Nintendo Wii that allows you to control the DVD light.

One of my first forays into development for a non-traditional platform. I chose the Nintendo Wii because information about it is everywhere and there are tons of resources for anyone wanting to get started with it.


An example weather app for iOS written in Swift that downloads JSON from the OpenWeatherMap API and displays it. Has many features of a traditional weather app and shows most information that is possible to be pulled from the specific API endpoint that is leveraged.


An example application for MacOS written in Swift that leverages Quartz and CoreAnimation to quickly change colors of a border around a label and the background color for the main window view.

EPILEPSY WARNING: If you are epileptic, please do not run this app!

JAM Unpacker

An unpacker for the JAM format used by the GameCube/PS2/Wii game, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy that is written in C#.

Allows you to take a peek inside the archives used by the game.

GVAS Converter

A converter for GVAS files used by Unreal Engine 4 written in C#. It will convert to and from a JSON file, allowing easy editing of configuration files for UE4 games such as Gears of War 4.


An SRAM (save RAM) editor for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Secret of Evermore. Somewhat of a remake of the existing SRAM editor for the game, but in C# and not based off the original C++ code.

This was one of my favorite games growing up, so I wanted to make something for it. It allows you to edit tons of variables related to your game progress.

COD Save Manipulator

A tool that is capable of manipulating savegame.svg files for the popular Call of Duty series. It automatically determines which game the savegame is from, which platform it is on, and which endian it is in. It can also determine if the save is an Xbox 360 STFS package or not. It is written in C#.

It’s main functions are recalculating the checksum stored in savegames, and printing information about them. I hope to expand the functionality to include enumerating saved entities, modifying health/ammunition, and more.


A tool that is capable of editing information about UWP (Universal Windows Program) Containers.index files. Mostly used in games, this file format is used to store information about the savegames. Mainly just filename, GUID, and package family name/PFN. It is written in C#.

Without using this tool, finding the real names of savegames requires a hex editor. This solves that problem.

Currency Converter

This is an Apple TV app written in Swift that converts currencies using live data from the API. I developed this for the fun of it, and because I knew it would be simple to get going. The API that powers it is very simple (one call for each conversion), so it didn’t take long to make at all.

Song Title Generator / Song Title Generator TV / Song Title Generator Mac

This is a set of Apple Watch/Apple TV/Macintosh apps for making song titles written in Swift. It is very simple, and was developed in a single afternoon. Uses two dictionaries with an adjective-noun format, and just pulls one element from each dictionary and combines them to make a song title.

IW-Checksum-Fixer / Ghosts-Checksum-Fixer / MWX-Checksum-Fixer

This is a set of C# applications that recalculate the checksum in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 savegame.svg files.

Please do not use these anymore. My other project, COD Save Manipulator, which is linked above, does this and more in just one single application. These were made before that project, and I put them here for completeness.

Stack Test

This was a simple iOS app that was to help me understand the LIFO stack in the context of Swift.

Not much use to be found here, but it was useful to me. I put it up incase someone else found it useful.

Splash Screen Test

I challenged myself to make a splash screen in an iOS app with nothing but a timer, two views, and a segue. Written in Swift.

This was the end-result of that challenge.